Saturday, March 13, 2021

Recent books: Epitexts; Online learning; School collaboration; News literacy

Books from publisher Libraries Unlimited over the past months include:
- Bober, T. (2021). Building News Literacy: Lessons for Teaching Critical Thinking Skills in Elementary and Middle Schools. ISBN 978-1-4408-7515-1
- Harada, V.H. & Coatney, S. (2020). Radical Collaborations for Learning: School Librarians as Change Agents. ISBN 978-1-4408-7238-9
- Mune, C.D. (2020). Libraries Supporting Online Learning: Practical Strategies and Best Practices. ISBN 978-1-4408-6175-8
- Witte, S., Gross, M. & Latham, D. (2021) [Due out later this month]. From Text to Epitext: Expanding Students' Comprehension, Engagement, and Media Literacy. ISBN 978-1-4408-7749-0
Photo by Sheila Webber: Lost item series, colourful plastic trolley, February 2021.

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