Thursday, August 06, 2009

Use of Web 2.0 in UK higher education

An interesting resource is the JISC SIS Landscape Study blog "This blog has been created to collect evidence about UK HE use of Web 2.0 services in preference to those provided by JISC or HE institutions." There are a number of specific headings e.g. "Sharing Research Data Content" "Referencing and Linking" where people are asked to add comments about why they use external tools to do these things, and there are already some comments here. Also they are doing short questionnaire/interviews with people about their use of Web 2.0 and I have just done one with them
The Sheila Webber "case study" is at
All the "case studies" (12 at time of writing) are at (Sheffield Uni library and a colleague from CILASS also feature)
Picture by Sheila Webber: contemplating a virtual card catalogue

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