Friday, March 13, 2015

Shifting Landscapes: Integrating Flipped Teaching into your Information Literacy Instruction: chat session

ACRL Science and Technology Section's Information Literacy committee has organised a chat session on March 20 3pm-4pm US Eastern time (which is 12 noon US Pacific time, 9-10pm UK time - since the time difference USA/UK is still 1 hour out at that point). The topic is Shifting Landscapes: Integrating Flipped Teaching into your Information Literacy Instruction and the host is Tasha Maddison, Science Liaison Librarian, University of Saskatchewan. "Description: This chat session will begin with a short presentation about three separate applications of flipped teaching in the College of Engineering, University of Saskatchewan. The Engineering Librarian used this pedagogy to deliver information literacy instruction to Civil Engineering students in their 2nd and 4th year of study in design heavy courses. The chat that follows is expected to generate thoughtful discussion about how flipped teaching could be applied in your own practice. Possible considerations include class size, location of class (computer lab availability), ability to collaborate with a faculty member, time, what you will cover in the tutorial and what lecture content will be. Consider reading this pre-chat: Maddison, T.; Beneteau, D.; & Sokoloski, B. (2014). Breaking Ground: Improving Undergraduate Engineering Projects through Flipped Teaching of Literature Search Techniques. Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship, 78, doi:10.5062/F4QR4V3D

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Photo: screen grab from the Sheffield Peregrines webcam: it looks like the pair of peregrine falcons will be nesting again on St Georges church (only 5 minutes away from my office!) and this year there are 2 webcams in place. Last year eggs were laid at the mid/end of March. This shows a peregrine with its beady eye sparkling and feathers ruffling in the wind, perched by the nesting box surveying the city of Sheffield. They seem to like sitting there, I suppose they can spot passing meals (pigeons).

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