Thursday, July 14, 2022

Good Things Foundation: Digital Inclusion

I'll highlight two recent things from the UK's Good Things Foundation (which has a mission concerning digital inclusion). The first is that yesterday (13th July 2022) they published a report on The economic impact of digital inclusion in the UK "The report finds that investment of £1.4 billion could reap economic benefits of £13.7 billion for UK plc. This is £9.48 return for every £1 invested.". One thing that they highlight is that "Lockdowns, social isolation, experiences of poor physical and mental health, care and support needs, disruptions in service provision, and also in training for adult learners, and low income - will have variously contributed to loss of digital skills for some who were previously online, and disengagement from opportunities for others" 

The 2nd item is a blog post from 11th July 2022 in which they list some "holiday reading" around the topic Growing the evidence base for digital inclusion (e.g. Me and My Big Data: Understanding citizens’ data literacies). That is here

Photo by Sheila Webber: Hydrangea, June 2022

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