Friday, July 15, 2022

New articles: #COVID19 ; epistemology; health librarian research; virtual refernce; universal design; neoliberalism

The latest complete issue of the Journal of Academic Librarianship (a priced publication), Volume 48 issue 4 (July 2022) has a COVID-19 focus and includes, amongst other articles, the following:
- Automated Epistemology: Bots, Computational Propaganda & Information Literacy Instruction by Ian O'Hara
- “First years' information literacy backpacks: What's already packed or not packed?” by Joyce Kasman Valenza et al.
- Health sciences librarian research and instruction services in pandemic information environments by Deborah H. Charbonneau, Emily Vardell
- Reading Format Attitudes in the Time of COVID by Diane Mizrachi, Alicia M. Salaz
- Effectiveness of Virtual Reference Services in Academic Libraries: A Qualitative Study Based on the 5E Learning Model by Angel Lok Yi Tsang, Dickson K.W. Chiu
- Transformation of libraries during Covid-19 pandemic: A systematic review by Murtaza Ashiq, Farhat Jabeen, Khalid Mahmood
- Students with disabilities and library services: Blending accommodation and universal design by Casey Alexander Roberson, Trisha Barefield, Eric Griffith 

Also a refreshing read is COVID-19 doesn't change anything: Neoliberalism, generation-ism, academic library buildings, and lazy rivers by John Buschman
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