Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Health and medical articles alert

Thomas Krichel maintains curated updates including one on Biomedical librarianship at This weekly list of references+abstracts focuses on the information/search aspect and thus always includes some papers relevant to information literacy, and it is valuable in NOT just covering library and information sources. Evaluations of the quality of health information on websites and Youtube occur regularly. The latest one as of writing (10 July) includes, for example, an article written by HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) researchers, reporting on their qualitative investigation into the barriers in using information experienced by their sample of people with mild to moderate dementia (and how the participants mitigated this) [you can see avideo abstract free - I recommend it]; a number of studies of the quality of websites or websites relating to various conditions; a report about the NHS initiative to share search strategies related to COVID-19
Photo by Sheila Webber: Hydrangea, July 2022

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