Sunday, July 03, 2022

Recent articles: ACRL Framework; Nursing students; doctoral journeys

The latest issue of Reference Services Review (priced journal) vol. 50 issue 2 includes
- Is the ACRL Framework a teaching tool? Undergraduates’ interpretations of its language and concepts by Jennifer Jarson, Rachel Hamelers. "In this case study, the authors analyzed 25 undergraduates’ reflections on their information literacy learning guided by recommendations for thematic analysis of qualitative data from Braun and Clarke (2006) and Castleberry and Nolen (2018). ... The authors’ analysis of students’ reflections offers insight into how these students interpreted the Framework’s language and related it to their own experience. By noting language that seemed to resonate in this instance, the authors suggest ways in which educators could effectively use the Framework’s language with undergraduates."
- Information literacy: assessment of undergraduate and graduate nursing students by Rabia S. Allari, Khaldoun Hamdan, Maha Alkaid Albqoor, Abeer Shaheen. "Cross sectional-correlational design was utilized. Data were collected using an electronic self-administered questionnaire from graduate and undergraduate nursing students in Jordan. ... Information competency of nursing students was positively correlated with students' age. Significant differences were found in information competency according to the academic level, addressing scientific research and research in databases in the course of the study, frequency of meeting the supervisor to discuss the research and university sector."
- Graduate student intellectual journeys: a functional method to identify library service gaps by Elizabeth Kline
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