Friday, July 01, 2022

Online courses: Zines; Digital Learning Objects; Informal Learning.

Some forthcoming courses from Library Juice Academy
- Zines for Critical Reflection and Pedagogy
- July 4 - August 14 2022. Cost US $300.00. Tutors: : Dawn Stahura and Des Alaniz. "During the six-weeks we will learn what zines through the lenses of critical pedagogy and social justice. Students will not only read zines each week but make a finished zine for their final project. We will delve into case studies, ethics and considerations, how to start a zine collection at your institution, and how to incorporate zines into your teaching, whether it is an entire course or a one-shot." More info at
- Creating Digital Learning Objects for Libraries
- August 1 - August 28 2022. Cost US $200.00. Tutor: John Stawarz. "Interactive tutorials helping students locate peer-reviewed journal articles, a short video introducing patrons to interlibrary loan services, podcasts covering copyright basics for faculty—these are all examples of digital learning objects (DLOs) that libraries have created to support members of their communities. Developing asynchronous online resources such as these has become increasingly essential as library services, resources, and patrons shift online. In this four-week course, students will examine DLOs, apply instructional design basics to propose and design a DLO that could be deployed at their library, investigate technologies used to create DLOs, and explore assessment, marketing, and accessibility as related to DLOs." More info at
- Informal Learning in the Academic Library - August 1 - August 28 2022. Cost US $200.00. Tutors: Lauren Hays and Teresa Slobuski. "Attendees of this course will be introduced to the concept of informal learning in the academic library. The instructors will discuss specific examples of how informal learning can be supported including through gameplay, makerspaces, space design, furniture selection, and technology." More info at
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